Current Exhibitions

Future Self

Charlotte Alldis + Sonia Gill

22 May - 2 June 2024

Saint Cloche couldn’t be happier to bring two mindful artists together in a ‘pas de deux’ to reveal a very intentional body of work in 'FUTURE SELF’.

Inspired by age-old techniques of caring for and repairing damaged belongings, this series is an expression of artists Charlotte Alldis and Sonia Gill’s desire to extend the life of otherwise discarded materials. Through thoughtful processes of hand dyeing and sewing, each painting tells a story of endurance and material sensitivity, preserving its memory while revealing its future self. In turn, the artists experienced the healing ripple effects their mending has imbued.



(offsite exhibition)

Tiffany & Co. + Saint Cloche

2023 - 2024

Saint Cloche showcase craftsmanship and unparalleled creativity with 'Etherium', a first-of-its-kind exhibition hosted within Tiffany & Co’s boutiques in Sydney and Melbourne.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Three Food Memories

Daimon Downey + Toni Clarke + Evi O

19 - 30 June 2024

This exhibition brings together 3 culture-shaping artists from diverse backgrounds exploring their own food memories through their medium and investigates what food nostalgia can bring to contemporary art.

Saint Cloche is excited to reveal Evi O, Toni Clarke and Daimon Downey in this exhilarating intersection between art and food.

Selected Past Exhibitions

  • Ngumbaaydyil, All Are One - Hannah Lange
  • With Fine, Fine Spindly Wings The Sky Touched Us Then
    Wonder Machine - Charlotte Swiden + Natalie Synnott
  • As I Am - Indivi Sutton
  • Liminal - Justin Scivetti
  • December 26th
    Days Like These - Fiona Barrett-Clark
  • The Modern Muse - Cindy Kavanagh
  • I Love You, I Love You, I Love You
    Cry Baby - Emma Labattaglia
  • Pure Energy - Jack Rodgers
  • The Sky's Lullaby - Ash Leslie
  • Escapade - Curated by Kitty Clark
  • Eye Music - Daniel O'Toole
  • At a Glance - Fiona Barrett-Clark + Bettina Willner + Indivi Sutton
  • Variegated - Stacey Rees
  • Mother Nature - Tracey Deep
  • All In - Claudia Bagnall + Luca Lettieri + Elliot Watson
  • Fundamental Needs - Ash Leslie
  • Evermore - Indivi Sutton
  • Liquid States - Marcel Hoogstad Hay + Rowena Boyd
  • Close in the Distance - Jessie Ford
  • Affect - Charlotte Swiden
  • Interchange - Bec Smith & Kirsten Perry
  • Realm - Justin Scivetti
  • Best Life - curated by Kitty Clark
  • Holiday with Evi O
  • Trial & Error, Error - Saxon Quinn
  • Bird Song - Tracey Deep
  • Last Light - Fiona Barrett-Clark
  • Scrap Doyle - Max Doyle
  • Grotto - curated by Kitty Clark