Current Exhibitions

Cry Baby

Emma Labattaglia

21 Feb - 3 Mar 2024

Saint Cloche is thrilled to reveal ‘Cry Baby’ by Emma Labattaglia, a contemporary Australian artist working in a wide range of mediums in her paintings. Her work is engaged in the divergent space between the exquisite beauty of the natural world and the artifice uniquely found in the human world.

She explores the disconnection and the darkness beneath the pretence and shines a light on the loveliness of showing uncomfortable emotions and being genuine.



(offsite exhibition)

Tiffany & Co. + Saint Cloche

2023 - 2024

Saint Cloche showcase craftsmanship and unparalleled creativity with 'Etherium', a first-of-its-kind exhibition hosted within Tiffany & Co’s boutiques in Sydney and Melbourne.

Upcoming Exhibitions

The Modern Muse

Cindy Kavanagh

5 - 10 Mar 2024

Cindy Kavanagh, founder of Sydney’s 'The Modern Muse', celebrates reaching ‘level 50’ by photographing 50 women on the cusp of or recently turned 50. Creating unique portraits and stories of women viewed through the lens of feminine archetypes. 

Curator Kitty Clark envisioned 'The Modern Muse' to honour women's historic accomplishments during International Women’s Week 2024.

Days Like These

Fiona Barrett-Clark

13 - 24 March 2024

Saint Cloche is excited to reveal the work of contemporary landscape painter, Fiona Barrett-Clark with her latest solo show, ‘Days Like These’.

Fiona’s dreamy works are at first glance seemingly realistic depictions of the suburban landscape, but on closer reflection they are pared back, graphic works, produced on plywood, with a slightly grainy texture, imbued with a deep sense of nostalgia.

Selected Past Exhibitions

  • Pure Energy - Jack Rodgers
  • The Sky's Lullaby - Ash Leslie
  • Escapade - Curated by Kitty Clark
  • Eye Music - Daniel O'Toole
  • At a Glance - Fiona Barrett-Clark + Bettina Willner + Indivi Sutton
  • Variegated - Stacey Rees
  • Mother Nature - Tracey Deep
  • All In - Claudia Bagnall + Luca Lettieri + Elliot Watson
  • Fundamental Needs - Ash Leslie
  • Evermore - Indivi Sutton
  • Liquid States - Marcel Hoogstad Hay + Rowena Boyd
  • Close in the Distance - Jessie Ford
  • Affect - Charlotte Swiden
  • Interchange - Bec Smith & Kirsten Perry
  • Realm - Justin Scivetti
  • Best Life - curated by Kitty Clark
  • Holiday with Evi O
  • Trial & Error, Error - Saxon Quinn
  • Bird Song - Tracey Deep
  • Last Light - Fiona Barrett-Clark
  • Scrap Doyle - Max Doyle
  • Grotto - curated by Kitty Clark