Saint Cloche takes great pleasure in revealing Australian multi-media artist, Daniel O’Toole, whose work spans the mediums of painting, video, sound, and installation. Daniel blurs the boundaries between disciplines yet strives to unify and synchronise the different aspects of his practice.

‘EYE MUSIC’ represents two different sensory modes of communication; visual works and sound works – the ‘viewing’ and ‘hearing’ of which is an interconnected and active encounter, rather than a passive, lifeless receiving.

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Current Exhibition
22 Nov – 3 Dec 2023

‘Eye Music’ – Daniel O’Toole

Daniel O’Toole, born in Sydney, Australia in 1984, is a Naarm (Melbourne)-based artist known for his multimedia works, including sculptural colour-field paintings, video art, and sound installations.

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Coming Up – End of Year Show
6 Dec 2022 – 14 Jan2024

‘ESCAPADE’ – Curated by Kitty Clark

Escapade’s translation of this ‘best decade ever’, into a contemporary vocabulary, is simultaneously authentic to Saint Cloche and unequivocally unique to director Kitty Clark’s signature curatorial approach in her pursuit of expression.

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Offsite Exhibition
The Design Files + Saint Cloche

‘Point to Point’ – Group Show

Saint Cloche has partnered with our friends at The Design Files @ TDF Collect in Melbourne. ‘Point to Point’ is a group exhibition featuring an amazing line-up of 13 Australian artists. This show brings together artists who are known for their bold forms and rich colours, along with confident line work that embodies how these contemporary artists entice us into their world.

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Offsite Exhibition
Saint Cloche @ Tiffany & Co.

‘Etherium’ – Group Show

Saint Cloche showcases craftsmanship and unparalleled creativity with ETHERIUM, a first-of-its-kind exhibition hosted within Tiffany & Co’s boutiques in Pitt Street, Sydney and Collins St & Chadstone in Melbourne. Clients are welcome to make an appointment with the gallery to walk through the exhibition at Tiffany & Co.

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“Championing emerging artists and connecting them with new collectors is important to me as I believe that we cannot have a thriving art scene if we do not invest in emerging artists. It is essential that we not only promote the work of emerging artists but also give them a platform through which they can financially support their practice.”

– Kitty Clark, Founder, Saint Cloche

Saint Cloche is a dynamic gallery with diverse and high-calibre exhibitions changing fortnightly and is at the epicentre of a growing community of like-minded creatives, promoting art, culture and contemporary thinking.

Located near Five Ways, Paddington, the gallery’s frontage is on a beautiful corner, accentuated by a large set of vintage Swedish industrial windows. Saint Cloche Gallery is a minimal contemporary space, made up of polished marble, concrete, metal and glass.

The gallery is also a creative concept space selectively available for exhibitions, installations, collaborations, workshops and events that share our particular style and aesthetic.

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