Saint Cloche proudly reveals ‘WONDER MACHINE’, a captivating fusion of marvel, reverence, and devotion evoked when embracing the transcendent state of ‘awe’ within the mesmerising Pas De Deux envisioned by Charlotte Swiden and Natalie Synnott.

Charlotte graces Saint Cloche once more following her triumphant solo exhibition, while Natalie, having enchanted audiences in the gallery’s recent year-end collective group show ESCAPADE, joins in this beguiling collaboration.

Artist Statement

“Like a lever that must be pulled to open a door, the mind must see beyond itself to step into something unknown and propel forward.

Compelled by the natural world, recognising that seeing beauty in the otherwise mundane has the ability to change your mind and your life.

To quiet a racing mind and view the world from a child’s perspective, feeling the magic and sublimity in the mysteries of the earth.

The transformative power of awe shifts your consciousness from tunnel vision to an expanding realm of possibilities, feeling like a tiny cog in an indescribably powerful machine; this feeling of smallness that is both terrifying and transcendent.

When the world feels too heavy to function fluidly, looking to the stars or imagining the cells within a plant working in tandem to create photosynthesis, or how the cells that constitute us have been recycled for billions of years, somehow puts things back into perspective – nature must know what it is doing.

Slow down and let the moment take you; come rest in unalloyed wonderment and beauty for a while. Our tired hearts need it.”

- Charlotte Swiden and Natalie Synnott

About the Artist

About Charlotte Swiden

Charlotte Swiden (b. 1980, Sweden) moved to Australia in 2005, settling in Melbourne/Naarm. With a background in art, she transitioned into the field of design. Following a ten-year hiatus and the birth of her second child, Swiden returned to her painting practice, describing it as a “call from her soul” and an undeniable urge to reconnect with her artistic roots. Drawing on personal reflections of her Scandinavian upbringing and her new home, Swiden’s work has been shaped by the interplay of two identities, two cultures, and the tensions that lie between them. In the soft discord of existence between two worlds, Swiden weave’s themes of rituals, folklore, and modern life. Playing with ambiguity, she allows objects and figures to break and layer over one another – symbolically destabilising boundaries and reshaping them in their new environments. With a wistful and empathetic approach, Swiden’s artworks eloquently depict the intricacies of the human experience. Charlotte Swiden currently lives and works on Boon wurrung (Bunurong) land in Australia. She is represented by Saint Cloche Gallery in Sydney.

About Natalie Synnott

Natalie Synnott (b.1994 Sydney, Australia) uses painting, ceramics, and installation to create saccharine worlds that explore modern anxieties and existential dread through a slapstick-tragic lens. Anecdotal and absurd; garish figures crawl and stumble through personal narratives and metaphors littered with poetry; reading like a love letter to being alive and a study of the angst and humour that accompanies.