Three Food Memories Podcast Recording

Three Food Memories Podcast Recording


Saint Cloche had the pleasure of presenting THREE FOOD MEMORIES with the accomplished chef and creative entrepreneur Savva Savas and celebrated the intricate relationship between art, food and culture.

The group show united three culture-shaping artist from diverse backgrounds, each exploring their unique food memories through their artistic mediums, delving into how food nostalgia can enrich contemporary art.

We had a full house to hear artists Evi O, Toni Clarke and Daimon Downey interviewed by Savva about their three food memories and the intersection between food and art. In each episode Savva chats with his guest/guests who share three food memories and a social cause close to their heart, revealing far more about themselves as every food memory is linked to a moment in time during their lives.

The things you find out when you ask people about their food memories can be soulful, inspiring, joyful and enlightening, sometimes incredibly funny too.   



The Saint Cloche live podcast recording was an enthusiastic, revealing and often hilarious panel discussion and is now available for you to listen to below.

This is a fantastic listen full of magnificent memories which were magically topped off with host Savva Savas dedicating the episode to his highschool art teacher, Elizabeth Mary Elliott!

Oxtail Ragu, Rocket Pasta, and Rice Pudding were on the menu, as were plenty of laughs and insights into the minds and workings of Evi, Toni and Daimon including social causes special to each of them.





This episode is part of our Three Food Memories art exhibition, celebrating the intricate relationship between art, food, and culture and is now available for you to listen to below.


Special thanks to MCM House for the beautiful chairs used by our special guest panel.


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