Point to Point @ TDF Collect

Point to Point @ TDF Collect





Saint Cloche partnered with our friends at The Design Files to reveal ‘Point to Point’ @ TDF Collect in Melbourne last week.

Point to Point’ was a group exhibition featuring an amazing line-up of 13 Australian artists.  This show brings together artists who are known for their bold forms and rich colours, along with confident line work that embodies how these contemporary artists entice us into their world.


 “I was so happy and proud to collaborate with Lucy, Bea, Gordy and the TDF team to present ‘Point to Point’; the journey from the roots of our nature, as part of nature, celebrating diversity in every way, and paying homage to our essence, the oneness which is the thread that unites us all from ‘Point to Point’.

–  Kitty Clark



Thanks to artists and friends who came along to TDF Collect to last Saturday’s opening reception, it was wonderful to see you all there!

An extra special thankyou to The Design Files for the special creative community that they have fostered and feel that collaboration with others to support emerging artists is so important, so they have the confidence to courageously be who they are put their work out there.

Kudos and much love to the talented artists of this very special group presentation – Annie Mangen, Daniel O’Toole, Evi O, Fiona Barret-Clark, Elliot Watson, Leanne Xiu Williams, Ash Leslie, Michael Mitsas, Olivia Arnold, Bec Smith, Saxon Quinn, Hannah Lange, and Charlotte Swiden.

‘Point to Point’ continues till Thursday 22nd June.

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