Sydney Contemporary 2022 Panel Discussion

Sydney Contemporary 2022 Panel Discussion

Saint Cloche @ Sydney Contemporary 2022


Art, Walks & Talks Program - Panel Discussion

‘Archetype of the Great Mother’

Saturday 10th September 4pm – Carriageworks


This year Saint Cloche Gallery presents an exploration of the themes of ‘Future Nostalgia and Continuum’ – looking back to look forward. Two booths that reveal four women artists: Bettina Willner, Evi O, Indivi Sutton and Katie Daniels.




“In seeking how I can be a better communicator to others, I am drawn to integrating elements that are closely related to daily life and our natural surroundings.

The artists I am drawn to working with are instinctively selected for their unspoken ability to interconnect to our environment and others, and for their innate desire to understand the true nature of being and how this can be an agent for positive change.”

- Kitty Clark, Saint Cloche Gallery Founder




The discussion topic: ARCHETYPE OF THE GREAT MOTHER, with all four exhibiting artists and celebrated Australian sculptor Tracey Deep on the panel.

According to Jungian psychoanalysis, the Great Mother archetype symbolises creativity, birth, fertility, love and nurturing. She is a creative force not only for life, but also for art and ideas.

To go through this labour and give birth to the future, we need to create a new vision for the ‘human being’, rooted in trust and cooperation, instead of fear and aggression... being with the primal continuum and taking care how we wire the human brain and heart as we go forth.

For the Art, Walks & Talks program, we want to create a hopeful mind-space to discuss our future, our society, our roles, and our planet. This year we focus on creating a platform for our multi-generational female artists: Tracey Deep (Sustainable sculptures), Bettina Willner (Memory and land), Evi O (Curious creative), Katie Daniels (Nostalgia and the land), and Indivi Sutton (Memory and Purity).

Each of our female artists have expressed different roles and responsibilities they have taken through their art practice and what hope and struggles they’re facing through being female artists on this planet.

Our moderator will be Esther Ottaway - an award-winning Australian poet who is  female, disabled, and often writes about women’s experiences. Her work was shortlisted in the global poetry prizes, the Montreal International and the Bridport Prize, in 2020. Among her Australian poetry prizes are the Tom Collins Poetry Prize, the Queensland Poetry Festival Ekphrasis Award, the Tasmanian Literary Awards and a Varuna Fellowship.

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