Indivi Sutton x Bianca Spender

Indivi Sutton x Bianca Spender

Indivi Sutton x Bianca Spender

Australian Fashion Week 2023


New York Born, Australian artist Indivi Sutton recently collaborated with Australian fashion designer Bianca Spender, for FIFTEEN the Summer ’23 collection launched at AfterPay Australian Fashion Week in May.

A simpatico of two beautiful minds resulted in a print collaboration between Indivi and Bianca that embraces the essence of the earth and the sky. Capturing the deepest blues, umber, lilac, ultramarine, and teal that powerfully pull you into the great azure. Grounding taupe, canary and violet subtly diffuse to illuminate each colour in its purest form.



“I wanted to conjure the deepest elements of the sky, that subconsciously draw you into its expansiveness to illuminate the state of being. It is as if we were to dive into the indigo blue to cultivate a deeper understanding of humanity, and to access insights that are beyond the limitations of our rational mind.”

Indivi Sutton



This is a moment she’s been waiting for, seven years ago when Indivi moved back to Sydney from New York, she bought herself a Bianca Spender dress for her graduation. From that moment, Indivi has been an admirer of Bianca’s creations and furthermore they found, they were kindred spirits. Seeing Bianca’s and Indivi’s mutual work come together on the runway was breathtakingly inspiring.


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