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Valerie is a Sydney-based ceramic artist who formerly trained as a fashion designer. She completed a Diploma in Fashion Design at East Sydney Technical College (now the National Art School) and is currently studying a Diploma of Ceramics. Born in Malaysia she began her styling career at Vogue Australia before travelling overseas. On her return to Sydney, she worked as Fashion Director of Elle Australia and then as a contributor for local titles including Marie Claire and Instyle. As a stylist she avoided minimal and looked to introduce texture and a little chaos whenever shooting on location. Having been lucky enough to travel extensively her work today is influenced by past and present adventures and the everyday culture that surrounds us. Drawing on her fashion background she likes to experiment with di!erent materials, colour and silhouettes. Simple sculptural forms gain texture through the process. Currently sharing the shed with the occasional possum all works are nonpareil or made as part of a small series

This body of work is an expression of optimism. It took shape during Sydney’s lockdown, through daily meditation within a shed and in my head and on daily walks above the ocean. It took form through repetitive practice that became zen flow, which led to now. Many types of clay are featured, each with its own distinct character. It is through this sticky medium that I was allowed expression of my thoughts and emotions. A playful interpretation of classical ancient forms provided a canvas allowing the material qualities of each clay to manifest using predominately coil techniques. Each finished piece has its own narrative where a past life, travel and the natural world play a key role behind the colour, silhouettes, and the textures of this body of work. Weathered looking glazes, slips and oxides are used whilst textures are made organically through subtle movements of the fingers, imperfections are always savoured.