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Tracey Deep

Tracey Deep is a true original and a national treasure. She is a humble superstar, much loved and hugely revered for her authenticity and devotion to nature, Tracey is a creative adventurer, a biology enthusiast, and magical botanical sculptor. Celebrated for her sustainable sculptures and installations using organic and industrial recycled materials for over two decades – her creations are as distinctive as a thumbprint, and her varied clients span the length and breadth of Australia and overseas ranging from the Art Gallery of NSW, NGV Melbourne, Wolgan Valley Emirates resort, Cult Design, Aria restaurant Sydney, Dubai Opera restaurant, Dolphin Hotel Sydney, The Commons Hotel Hobart, Macquarie bank, Rabo bank to work on films such as Mission impossible and Star Trek, and events from the Winter Olympics to the launch of Hugh Jackman’s company. The embodiment of Mother Nature herself, Tracey’s work is earthy and enchanting, her creations crafted from leaves, branches, seed pods – anything that is cognizant of the landscape and the natural world. She rearranges natural forms and recycled, distressed materials to enhance their natural beauty, most often in large scale. Tracey has the ability to transform the everyday into visual poetry that pays homage to the circle of life, the ever-changing world and always with the utmost respect for Nature.