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Saxon Quinn is a self-taught artist with a background in Visual Design. Growing up in country Victoria, Saxon was surrounded by art and creativity. His mother - Dianne Coulter, also an artist, has had a large studio and gallery on the family property since he was born. Currently residing in Melbourne, Saxon’s work takes a cue from the asphalt sprawl streetscapes of cities around the world as well as the Australian countryside. Inspired by his travels and daily discoveries, his explorations use the medium of stained and marked canvas as a literal elucidation of the experienced environment. A narrative of monolithic shapes, line work of differing rhythm, geometry, space and markings. Saxon has grown to love the process of distressing on surfaces that occurs over time; pavements worn by the pedestrian’s footsteps, weathering elements by nature or human error.

“Painting is my time to escape...In my otherwise cluttered and pinball-like mind, painting gives me the opportunity to stop, focus, relax and enjoy the process of creating. The more I paint, the more I feel that my works represent that balance. Amongst the rough and sporadic, there's a sense of calm and balance. I want to continue to harvest this and express it.”

2022 - “Trial & Error, Error” (Solo) Saint Cloche Gallery, Australia 2022 - TBA (Group) Garna Gallery, Spain 2022 - Estampa Art Fair Garna Gallery, Spain 2022 - NA (Individual works) Benoni Gallery, Denmark 2022 - TBA (Group) Sandberg Gallery, Denmark 2022 - “Home & Humble” (Solo) Boom Gallery, Australia 2022 - “Running a Muck” (Solo) Uprise NYC Gallery, USA 2022 - NA (Individual works) Gallery Red, Spain 2022 - NA (Individual works) Benoni Gallery, Denmark 2022 - “Metro Summer” (Group) Metro Gallery, Australia 2022 - “Make the mark” (Solo) Uprise NYC Gallery, USA 2021 - “Glimpse” (Group) Side Gallery, Australia 2021 - NA (Individual works) Gregg Irby Gallery, USA 2021 - NA (Individual works) Gallery Red, Spain 2022 2021 - “Heavy Harmony” (Solo) Saint Cloche Gallery, Australia 2021 - “Until I return” (Online artist series) Uprise NYC Gallery, USA 2021 - “Only One In The Room” (Solo) Metro Gallery, Australia 2021 - “Metro Summer” (Group) Metro Gallery, Australia 2020 - “Metro Summer” (Group) Metro Gallery, Australia 2020 2020 - “Talismans Rafts, Mementos” (Group) Modern Times, Australia 2020 - “Family Ties” (Online artist series) Uprise NYC Gallery, USA 2020 - “Secret Garden” (Group) Saint Cloche, Australia 2020 - “Reckless” (Solo) Saint Cloche, Australia 2019 - “Gathering” (Joint) Koskela, Australia 2019 - “Calm Stumble” (Joint) Modern Times, Australia 2019 - “Ritual Practice” (Group) Modern Times, Australia 2018 - “Balance” (Solo) Tacit Gallery, Australia 2018 2018 - “Selected Works” (Group) Boom Gallery, Australia 2018 - “Newest & Rising” (Group) Modern Times, Australia