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Nick Pont

Nick graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2013 and now lives and works in the Bellingen Shire, Mid-North Coast of NSW. Between 2013 and 2018 Nick was based in Sydney and held multiple exhibitions influenced by local folk lore, the Australian desert, and expeditions to Asia. In recent years Nick’s work has shifted - becoming further ambiguous and sophisticated in both content and form. A narrative is omnipresent as his work references contemporary society, literature, and art historical whilst depicting a variety of themes that pivot between utopianism, environmental catastrophe, and self- reflection. The crux of Nick’s work has become a spiritual connection between the figure and its surroundings – nature, light and being. Nick has been selected for numerous residencies and prizes including the Art Park/ Linnaeus Byron Bay residency, the Fishers Ghost Prize, Muswellbrook Art Prize, Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award, and the Waverley Prize.

"My works presented in Grotto were created during a transformative phase – a truth seeking expedition to $nd the light from the depths of internal darkness. Transcendence was found through time alone with nature, returning to simplicity, a disciplined mindset and routine of rising with the sun. The following sentences are a response to the Analogy of the Sun & Natural things (ideas). ‘To come out of the shadows you may need to find truth from within – Idealism is found internally. Enlightenment is developed through practice in the space between thought and sleep – emptiness. The sun is the provider of all energy and therefore the closest thing to a real god in the natural world – the provider of light must be the enlightened one"