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Lucy Anderson is a Brisbane based painter who graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Queensland College of Art in 2012. She has had two solo shows and been part of a several group shows and art prizes including receiving a ‘highly commended’ at the 2018 Moreton Bay Art Awards and her works are part of several collections including Shane and Sally Thompson and Queensland University of Technology. Lucy is known for her faux-naïve still life paintings of domestic scenes, an inward looking emulation of outsider art. Purposely deskilled, they are immediately identifiable for their deliberately raw finish, evoking luminaries such as Jenny Watson, Genevieve Figgis, Robert McPherson and John Randall Nelson. Physically striking, they tell a story of associations and psychological dislocations. The figures and objects Anderson depicts are both familiar and ambiguous; taken as a group, the images present a kind of stream of consciousness that reminds the viewer of many things at once: childhood dreams, signs and symbols, folk tales, cartoons, and decals. Deceptively simplistic, they contain an intrinsic love of subject, process, and media.

My works draws on themes of water as a life (energy) giving substance and the formations born from it. The familiar symbols and figures depicted in the work signify the interweaving of eco systems that are so foreign to us but at the same time are our very nature. The rawness of materials and honesty of process conjure a life force to the pieces.

'Nautilus' - Group Show, 2021, Saint Cloche 'Artefact' - Duo Show, 2021, Saint Cloche