Lisa Madigan is a true creative powerhouse who works as a fine artist, brand ambassador, florist and creative director. After the success of her previous solo shows, ‘Vie’ and ‘Grace’, at Saint Cloche, Lisa has yet again produced an exceptional body of work with ‘Inflorescence’.

Inspired by the beautiful, fragile and ephemeral nature of life, Lisa’s luscious application of impasto paint simultaneously grasps at moments of joy and grief to explore the dualities of ones personal experience and that of the human condition. These themes which artists have been exploring for centuries resonate throughout ‘Inflorescence’. As a brand ambassador and stylist she brings her coveted creative approach to this remarkable new body of work.

‘Each moment of truth finds it’s peak. As a petal finds its bloom. As the ocean finds the shore. As our hearts find their beat. When momentum shifts to crescendo. When focus pours into expanse. When light floods into the infinite. When we cease to exist & we begin. In essence. In bloom. Inflorescence.’
– Lisa Madigan