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Leanne Xiu Williams

Leanne Xiu Williams (b. 1995) lives and works on Gadigal land. She considers painting as a vehicle for change; an encounter that can evoke visceral sensations and catalyse transformation; a language; solace in a world hyper-saturated by images; a medium through which one can consolidate the fragmentation of a lived experience increasingly mediated by technology, and a necessary discourse that participates in the construction of historical narratives. Currently her practice involves locating her own visual language within a network of image-making systems, including but not limited to; fine art, photography, cinema, and mass media. In particular she is interested in exploring how painting can evoke sensations that allude to experiences beyond representation, primarily through figurative iterations.

2021: Finalist in the Lethbridge 20000 2021: Solo show ‘Threshold’ at Babekuhl Gallery 2021: Group show ‘Love me, Love me not’ at Goodspace