Holly Greenwood has become increasing interested in documenting the disappearing Australian pub culture in her art practice.’ With a keen interest in humans and society, Greenwood is inspired by her twice weekly visit to a Sydney pub, where she will quietly observe the goings on, recording them to paper.

Holly finds that she is continuously drawn to the notion of mundanity, and the ways of ordinary people in ordinary places – and the beer stained carpets of the old school local pub – once the cornerstone of the community – is the perfect vehicle to explore Australian culture and where it is going.

“Pubs were once integral to our sense of community, and it’s this community that holds our society together. Locals often come and watch me and are confused about what I’m doing. Why would I be painting here? What is so interesting about a run-down pub? There is so much that has happened on these pub carpets. If they could talk, they would say a lot."