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Georgia Harvey is a Melbourne-based ceramicist who takes an experimental approach to construction, incorporating processes that emulate weathering, and developing unusual textural glazes. A graduate of Painting at RMIT, she went on to become a conservator before finding her way to a sculptural practice, inspired by artefacts encountered in her conservation work. She draws on recent experiences of living for a few years in the desert environment of the UAE, and uses materials sourced everywhere, from walking up mountains, in wadis, or just around the block, closer to home. Conscious of the high energy used in ceramics she strives for a minimal carbon footprint and zero waste in her practice.

"Something that has always interested me is how materials interact and decay. Limestone caves, with their endless cycle of erosion and deposition, demonstrate small interactions over time causing spectacular change. The pieces in Grotto take as their starting point the grotti of renaissance Italy, all ersatz stalactites, marble nymphs and tinkling fountains, but reimagined in a future time, left to crumble, and accrete in the twilight of human existence. I considered, too, the way natural cave formations are anthropomorphised - we search for features we recognise in the shapes, and name them accordingly - and how, in the numinous space of the cave, formations seem to take on these identities and inhabit their underground world like members of a silent but slowly intermingling community. My works are the hybridized product of these impressions, part sculpture in a state of decomposition, part cave formation as creature"

2021 - Grotto, group, Saint Cloche Gallery