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Fiona Alvarez is an artist based in Sydney. She graduated from City Art Institute in 1983 with a major in sculpture and minor in drawing. Since then she has worked across various area in the arts including sculpture and community arts. As a student she assisted two artists with the production and installation of their works for two Sydney Biennales. She was highly commended for her sculpture in the Travelling Art Scholarship 1983. The lure of seeing the world drew Fiona to film (art department - sets, prop making and special effects prosthetics) working in Australia and abroad. More recently Fiona has completed an Advanced Diploma (2019) in ceramics at Northern Beaches TAFE. During her studies she found mould-making and slip casting offered a way of developing her concepts around truth in artifice through its transformational and sometimes ambiguous, sometimes contradictory properties. Some of her recent works are featured on the cover of The Journal of Australian Ceramics, July 2020.

“My vessels draw on themes that weave through the story of The Secret Garden - the seeming magic and alchemy of transformation, the children’s growth and self-actualisation through their tending of the garden. My vessels reflect this through the translation of one material expression to become another and their optimistic postures and colours.”

2021: Secret Garden (group) - Saint Cloche, Sydney, NSW.