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Emily is an emerging ceramic artist from Melbourne, Australia fascinated by the way we form attachments to objects and why. Her practice investigates the intimate connection between the artist and the medium, using ceramics to write her narratives. Clay in all its forms is a sensory medium and Emily is drawn to its very versatile and tactile nature, combining a number of techniques to construct her expressive and playful pieces while allowing the clay to guide her hand. “The ‘Keepsake’ series takes inspiration from a humble scallop shell that was collected on a walk with my partner along the bay in winter 2019. It celebrates the near perfect symmetry of the shell’s fan-like shape with ripples and ridges in all the right places. The palette is borrowed from its soft blushing pink, ochre and ivory hues while a mixture of smooth and coarse clay bodies reflect the landscape of its origin. Construction of this body of work was a labour of love taking several months to complete. In that time I formed a deep connection with the work, getting to know each piece as it came to be. Every individual vessel is unique and holds the story of my process, sharing my relationship to the medium through its cracks and finger marks and taking on shapes and characteristics of underwater flora and fauna. It also serves as a memento of a fond memory from a simple moment shared between two people. Our connection with objects are sometimes deeper and more complex than we can comprehend. Taking a moment to reflect and share that memory is a privilege.”