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Ella Bendrups is an emerging ceramic artist who creates innate forms refined for a modern context. Ella’s practice explores ancient clay and stone artifacts and their ability to transcend the times and cultures in which they were created. She embraces the expressive nature of hand building, pinching, coiling and carving clay to highlight the maker’s touch. With a background in styling supported by studies in Communication Design and Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT University, Ella began social ceramics classes in late 2015 before progressing to a self- led explorative practice. Ella hand builds each of her pieces in a small home studio in Melbourne’s inner North.

"My work evokes the idea of sanctuary through the reinterpretation of ancient temple pottery. The use of familiar classical forms elicits a sense of stillness, which is reinforced by the visual and physical weight of the pieces. Surface decoration has been eschewed in favour of subtle surface treatments to emphasise the interplay of light across and around the bodies of the pieces. The raw colours of the fired clays are preserved, speaking to the earth from which they originated.”

Secret Garden - Group Show, 2021, Saint Cloche.