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Dior’s creative journey began from a young age with fabric and designing her own clothes. She comes from a long line of dressmakers. Busy with her life’s journey, it was only when her children started school that she reignited her creative passion and spent a couple of years refining her practice in mixed media and then printmaking. Printmaking is a very precise and controlled skill and Dior very quickly found herself pushing the boundaries with this art form. In many ways Dior feels has come full circle and back to her sewing roots, only with paper now rather than fabric. Dior’s studio is an inspiring, light-filled, serene space filled with collected treasure. The studio walls are a continually evolving with colour and texture, and with her printing press central to the space. Printing is vigorous and robust physical work from rolling out ink to winding the press. Dior’s dog and cat visit her studio often to check on her progress. She likes to listen to music and the radio and particularly tune into Conversations on ABC radio while she works.

My studio is a playful and meditative space. I have a window to the sky. An uncluttered view, an ever-changing source of beauty, colour, texture, subtlety, drama and inspiration. These works have the transient diaphanous movement of the atmosphere reflected from the land and beyond. I am drawn to the tactile, I love a ragged edge, a loose, dangling thread. I know you will want to touch.

2021: National Capital Art Prize, Finalist - Canberra. 2020: Little Things Art Prize, Happiness Award, Winner - Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney

2021: Big Sky (solo) - Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney