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Bridgette McNab is a graphic still life and portrait painter currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Employing a mise-en-scene approach to painting, McNab’s serialized compositions self reflexively examine fantasy, fiction and artifice. Created using a lexicon of appropriationist techniques, McNab forges fictional realities in which her subjects live, exploring the performative nature of contemporary culture Bridgette McNab graduated from The National Art School with an Honours Degree in Painting in 2011; the sole recipient of the prestigious Clitheroe Foundation Honours Scholarship. Since then she has exhibited extensively and appeared as a finalist in many well-known art prizes such as The Archibald Prize, The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize and the Portia Geach Memorial Award.  After years living abroad, Bridgette has returned to Australia to establish her studio practice in Melbourne.

"Love Island', Solo Show, 2021 Saint Cloche Gallery