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Bec Smith is a Melbourne-based artist who has practiced art and design in both Australia and overseas for over 20 years. In pursuit of her creative practice Bec has studied at The Art Academy in London, the Art Room in Melbourne, RMIT and Swinburne National School of Design where she holds a Bachelor degree. She has always stayed particularly interested in abstract, non- objective, and colourfield paintings from the early part of the last century – a natural extension of a designer’s grounding in the early design language of the Bauhaus, equally with her interest in 20th century postmodernism. Her works are realisations of actual and idealised situations about the dynamics of people translated into static, photograph-like frames. A particular moment in time for what it may be or may become – fiction, non-fiction and multiple truths. Bec has been selected for the Belle Art Prize, exhibited at the Melbourne Design Festival on multiple occasions, and her work is held in private collections.

“Somewhere in the recent past I became fascinated with the notion of ‘parallel lives’. I learned that a ‘provisional life’ - as it is known in the world of psychology, called ‘Puer Aeturnus’ in the Jungian lexicon - is a sort of fictional life lived in the imagination alongside the actual. I’d been thinking about this from the point of view of the domestic, the everyday, and the ordinary: the place most of us reside, especially now during lengthy periods of lockdown, and particularly for those of us in my hometown of Melbourne.

2020: Casette (solo) – Saint Cloche, Sydney 2019: Sub (solo) – Saint Cloche, Sydney