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Amanda Dziedzic is a glass artist who works from a shared studio space in Heidelberg West, Melbourne. She finds working in glass to be very rewarding and has completed a two year traineeship at Jam Factory in Adelaide, and completed a research residency in Tokyo, Japan and undertaken studio placement in the UK, also participated at Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle and most recently, completed a residency at Northlands Glass in Scotland. Amanda states the biggest influence on her works as a whole is nature. She thinks plant life absolutely fascinating and says that the pattern and colours found in plants will always inspire her. “I always like to look to nature as the cornerstone for my works in glass. Using ‘Nautilus’ as a springboard for these pieces, I chose to focus on movement, fluidity and evolution. This body of work entitled, “Metamorphic Colourscape”, plays on the themes of creation through fire, both literally and figuratively. A gentle nod to the beach rock formations in my family getaway of Smith’s Beach in Phillip Island. The beauty I dreamed of and scenery I craved whilst in stage four lockdown in Victoria. A bleak time for many but I like to think that just like the metaphoric rocks, with pressure and time, we too will emerge anew."