Alex Xerri’s work explores the discovery of the wonders of the ancient debris of life in foreign lands. Her paintings and ceramics are playful, and rough, in bright, fiery palettes, and robust in texture. Exploring the globe, she has gathered visuals from unique landforms, natural history museums and Palaeontology and Zoology Departments. There’s tension between representation and abstraction, in the discovery of prehistoric dinosaurs, documented as bright, goofy bones. Paintings document fossils re-emerging from the Earth’s crust, discovered by intrepid palaeontologists in sedans traversing unknown lands. There is the excitement of archaeological excavation and discovery. Perceptible also is the aesthetic sensibility, of a pastiche of vintage TV and cinematic influences ranging from wildlife documentaries, gritty cartoons, and the exciting mood and super-charged pace of 1980’s high-speed car chases.