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Alex Xerri is a painter/ceramicist from Sydney. She has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in painting at the National Art School and is currently completing a Master of Fine Art at the National Art School, majoring in painting. Xerri has exhibited in a number of exhibitions since 2016, including at Carriageworks and Alaska Projects in Sydney, as well as internationally in Nottingham, England as well as in Seattle and New York City, USA. Saint Cloche most recently revealed Xerri within NEXT @ Sydney Contemporary 2019 - a recent annexe that showcased the next generation of talent with 50 works from artists under the age of 30. Alex Xerri’s work explores the discovery of the wonders of the ancient debris of life in unknown lands. Her paintings are playful and rough, in bright, fiery palettes, and robust in texture. Exploring the globe, Xerri has traversed arctic landscapes, volcanoes and glaciers, armed with a plastic toy film camera, a deck of paper and a bundle of colourful connector-pens, documenting strange and improbable landforms. Skeletons and dinosaur fossils sketched in natural history museums, retro nature documentaries, dinosaur documentaries, and gritty 1990s cartoons are all mined for their imagery and aesthetic sensibilities. There’s tension between representation and abstraction, in the reincarnation of prehistoric life through painting, documented as bright, goofy bones.

I draw from nostalgic memories of my own childhood and create vibrantly coloured and robustly textured works. I am informed and inspired by TV documentaries, scenic Playstation 1 games, and early cel animation cartoons, I would say, my paintings and sculptures explore pre-millenia aesthetics

Rock & Roll Nightclub, Saint Cloche, 2021