Soft City


Penelope Metcalf is an Australian visual artist who makes the ‘familiar’ and the ‘overlooked’ her enduring muse. Painting from life, either in a studio or plein-air, Metcalf is inspired by the drama and beauty of the familiar, which can often go unnoticed.

For Soft City, Penelope finds ordinary street vignettes, and explores their hues, shapes and shadows – and expresses their laconic beauty richly and colourfully in paint. With an astute eye, Penelope heeds our urban environment: the architecture, the land, and the light and celebrates the everyday splendour found there.

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Woollahra Plane Trees
Oil on MDF, framed. 30x20cm $1,100

Sail Away
Oil on Canvas. 79x92cm $4,180

Sail Away (Study)
Oil on Board, framed. 30x35cm $1,155

Paddington Street Plane Trees
Oil on Canvas. 52x52cm $1,650

Paddington Plane Trees
Oil on Board, framed. 30x30cm $1,155

Soft City
Oil on Canvas. $3,520

Morning (Blue)
Oil on Timber, framed. 40x20cm $1,540

Red Centre (Rose Bay)
Oil on Timber, framed. 30x20cm $1,100

Long Dusk
Oil on Canvas. 76x101cm $4,950

Leafy Balfour Rd (2016)
Oil on Timber, framed. 30 x20cm $1,100

Hill Top Hood
Oil on MDF, framed. 30x20cm $1,100

Game of Thrones
Oil on Canvas. 62x92cm $2,860

Bellevue Hill Tudor
Oil on Timber, framed. 20x25cm $990

Old Dutch
Oil on Timber, framed. 24x30cm $1,100

Waverley Reservoir
Oil on MDF, framed. 30x30cm $1,155

Muggy Sunday
Oil on MDF, framed 30x20cm $1,100