Evi O. is an award-winning book designer and self-taught artist. She works from her design studio in Surry Hills, Sydney. With a curious eye and mind, she is constantly exploring and observing her surroundings.

In Evi O’s reduced, abstracted, and finely balanced colour works we see suggestions of the city where we live. Here we see a moon, and there the branches of a tree stretching aloft. These works remind us of the life around us, and the contemporary environment we have shaped to suit us.

Through paint, Evi O continues to explore the use of dominant abstract shapes, although the compositions she presents here are broadly suggestive of animal forms. The creatures she depicts, however, are symbolic of people in her life, and this affords her an intimacy with her subjects that infuses the images with emotional resonance.

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Queen of the Jungle
Acrylic on Panel 120x91cm $3,800

Acrylic on Panel 75 x 55 cm $2,500

Factory PM
Acrylic on panel, White Timber Frame 30x21cm SOLD

Factory AM
Acrylic on panel, White Timber Frame 30x21cm SOLD

Acrylic on Board, Framed in lime wash timber 30x30cm SOLD