Ali Wood is a fine art graduate and former clothing designer who finds inspiration in the landscape surrounding her farm in Braidwood, in the Southern Tablelands. A keen gardener, Wood finds the flowers evolving in her garden as the seasons wax and wane inspiration, for her bold, colourful works

In this new body of work Ali Wood draws inspiration from the Dutch and Flemish Masters of the Golden Age. Ali’s evocative and rather spectral pieces stem from the cropped and magnified images of still lives from this period. In adapting these masterworks Ali employs her typical chromatic and gestural energy to portray luscious and life affirming imagery.

These large-scale works maintain a baroque quality using opulent dark backgrounds and a luscious palette. Each piece is richly hued and textured with drips, runs and a juxtaposition of contrasting elements. The result is a sense of energy, movement and drama.

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Phone: 0434 274 251  Email: info[at]saintcloche.com


Would it be the Same
Oil on Canvas 100x 200cm $5200

Playing Favourites
Oil on Canvas 76x76cm $1500

Like never before
Oil on Canvas 100x120cm $2600

Oil on Canvas 120x180cm $4900

Day too soon
Oil on Canvas 100x120cm $2600

It All Returns
Oil on Canvas 100x100cm $2500

Colour Play
Oil on Canvas 30x30cm Dark Stained Timber Frame $640

Peony Too
Oil on Canvas 30x30cm Dark Stained Timber Frame $640

Large Peony
Oil on Linen 101x101cm Dark Stained Timber Frame $2,400

Just a Fraction
Oil on Canvas 30x30cm Dark Stained Timber Frame $640

Small Hydrangea
Oil on Canvas 70x70cm White Stained Timber Frame $1,400

Colourful Language
Oil on Linen 100x100cm Dark Stained Timber Frame SOLD