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Saint Cloche Gallery


Saint Cloche Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and concept space in Sydney’s Paddington with a mission to support the work of established artists, whilst also providing a nurturing platform to champion fresh talent and present their ideas to the world. For emerging, evolving and mid-career artists, ceramicists, sculptors and photographers it’s a non-traditional, opportunity to present their work to new audiences in a reformist space elevated through design. The gallery’s advocacy is multi-dimensional promotion across many platforms including print, digital and social media.

The schedule of shows is carefully curated by the gallery director Kitty Clark, or by invited guest curators on occasion. While Saint Cloche Gallery is not an artist run space, we do accept submissions from artists who are interested in exhibiting their work in one of our curated solo or group exhibitions. Saint Cloche Gallery now also selectively represents a small stable of emerging artists.


“We as a gallery believe in the Sydney art scene and want to use our resources and experience to promote what our local scene has to offer. Saint Cloche is by design, built to make the commercial space less intimidating to young and new collectors.”

– Founder, Kitty Clark

Being one of only a few galleries in East Sydney that gives opportunity to emerging artists has proven to be an asset, and Founder/Director, Kitty Clark has swiftly cultivated a new clientele of collectors who have an eager eye and appetite for her ‘reveal’. Kitty’s judicious curation is becoming well-renowned, for being exhibited in the most innovative, elevated picture-hangs and installations.

Saint Cloche is a dynamic gallery with diverse and high-calibre exhibitions changing fortnightly and is at the epicentre of a growing community of like-minded creatives, promoting art, culture and contemporary thinking.
The production and scheduling of shows is carefully curated by Kitty, or by Guest Curators invited on occasion to collaborate on the exhibitions. While Saint Cloche Gallery is not an artist-run space, submissions are accepted from artists who are interested in exhibiting their work in one of the curated solo or group exhibitions. Saint Cloche Gallery exclusively represents a small, select group of emerging artists that connect with the gallery’s particular style and aesthetic.


Saint Cloche Founder and Curator, Kitty Clark also provides a personal residential and corporate art consultancy service. Kitty already works closely with many Interior Designers, consulting on art curation for their private clients, but she often consults directly with the client as well. Our service can be bespoke according to your needs – through an interior designer or direct.

Whether you are a serious art collector or simply someone who is looking to make their home more meaningful and beautiful by collecting painting and sculpture by some of Australia’s most amazing emerging artists, yet also need the support to find the right pieces because you are time poor or do not know where to start – Saint Cloche offers an art curation and consultancy service. Kitty works closely with her clients to make sure that the art chosen is a true reflection of each of them in a very personal way.
For Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Corporate building entrance foyers and halls, art is not simply about filling the walls. The art on display is a focal point that is also part of your brand’s story and language, it becomes another part of the way you communicate with guests and provides another platform for engagement and alignment with other businesses and brands. Whether our clients need to commission unique work, prefer large, medium or small-scale pieces, we ensure a seamless process and a curated collection inline with your brand vision.


Saint Cloche Gallery does accept artist submissions. To be considered, artists are asked to provide a sampling of their current works as well as short form bio including any key accomplishments and an artist statement for the works you are looking to show. We are also interested to hear why you think your works would be a good match for our gallery!

For submissions, please email info[at]

Photos by Jacqui Turk @jacqui_turk