Tracey Deep is an artist that needs little introduction. Celebrated for her sustainable sculptures and installations using organic and industrial recycled materials for over two decades – her creations are as distinctive as a signature, and have graced events ranging from the Art Gallery of NSW to Belle magazine, and from Tropfest to Startrek, and from the Winter Olympics to Hugh Jackman.

“The natural world is a huge part of my heart & soul. It is a constant source of inspiration, it replenishes my creative juices and feeds my hunger and desire to create. The beauty of the desert is revealed in the harshness of the bush, in the intensity of its colour palette, of sky and ochres and the burnt remains of eucalyptus trees. All have left a permanent mark on me.

The materials used in these sculptural works – whether organic or industrial have been chosen for their texture, shape and tone. Over time these materials trigger an inspirational moment, and gradually take form, evolving into something whimsical, playful and poetic.

As sculptured forms each work has a play of light and shadows. It is in the casting of beautiful shadows that the spirit of the artwork is revealed and a drawing appears upon the wall as if sketched by hand.

‘The Red Sea’ is inspired by the stunning riviera coastline, it’s abundant natural seascape inspiring movement, texture & patterns which transport you to that place of celebrated natural beauty, tranquility & relaxation.”

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Willow Sticks and Wool 160x15x140cm $8,800

Bush Poem
Palm Fronds 80x25x85cm $3,300

Weeping Paperbark
Willow Fabric 70x15x90cm $4,800

Sea Grass
Wild Grass 115x20x125cm $4,600

Wool, Bamboo 90x15x80cm $4,800

Willow Bark
Burnt Willow Sticks 45x20x75cm $3,600

Scribbly Bark
Wire, Natural String 70x35x70cm $4,800

The Red Sea
Hand Strung, Hand Sewn Bamboo & String 75cm Diameter $3600

Hand Strung, Hand Sewn Bamboo & String 28cm Diameter $1600