Ryan Hancock is an artist from Sydney, he is currently studying a Masters of Fine Arts majoring in Ceramics at the National Art School. His work engages with humour, the inter-webs and the wobbly world of ceramics. Hancock makes terracotta pots, imbued with humour driven narratives.

In his contemporary practice, Ryan juxtaposes this historical art form with the free-flowing, illustrative nature of the urban scrawl that defines street art.

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Untitled (Jet)
Glazed Earthenware 24x13x14cm $350

Glazed Earthenware 10x23x24cm $300

Double Chamber
Glazed Earthenware 33x25x15cm $500

Untitled (Boot)
Glazed Earthenware 28x12x12cm $350

Never Forget
Glazed Earthenware 28x30x10cm $400

Untitled (tripod)
Glazed Earthenware 25x16x16cm $350