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Midori is a Japanese-born, Sydney-based contemporary artist and she has been painting professionally since 2009. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions as well as many solo exhibitions. Furze’s work is held in private and corporate collections in Australia, Japan, the UK, Europe, South America and the USA.

In Sydney Furze is also known as an origami expert, working with multiple advertising and event agencies and running origami workshops for both public and private events for some major institutions including the Art Gallery of NSW and Powerhouse Museum.

Midori’s work reflects her Japanese background. Her fascination towards music, literature and people gives her endless inspiration. She creates her dreams and concepts of love and music on her canvases. She is inspired by the Japanese story of the red string. According to Japanese legend, there is an invisible red string tied around a person’s little finger. The red string connects two people destined to be lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The invisible red string may stretch, twist or tangle but never breaks.

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Romance at Night
Mixed Media on canvas 81x122cm $3,000

Desire in C, Desire in Eb major
Mixed Media on Canvas 77x61cm $1650 Desire-in-Eb-major Mixed Media on canvas 77x61cm $1650

Sad Story 2
Mixed Media on paper, Framed 53x53cm $750

Take Me Away
Mixed Media on canvas 30.5x30.5cm $350