Ingrid is a Northern Sydney based landscape artist practising in watercolour and mixed media traditional and contemporary techniques. She returns to Saint Cloche after winning the Little Things Art Prize in September 2015 and recently participating in the Saint Cloche group exhibition Elements.

For winter, the Sydney-based artist has taken inspiration from vast, ancient ranges and deep valleys in search of the elusive Alpine horizon.  Ingrid presents a wistful interpretation of dramatic cold climate landscapes by drawing patterns and detail in and out of focus. Working on cotton rag board with watercolours and inks, she creates ambiguous landforms and fragmented perspectives that engage and evoke alpine bliss.

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Watercolour, pigment and acrylic paint on cotton rag board. Framed in raw tasmanian oak & glass H160 x W109 cm $3,900

Blue Lakes II
Watercolour/Ink 29x29cm SOLD

Tundra II
Watercolour/Ink 62x35cm $925

The Edge
Watercolour/Ink 50x36cm $775

Watercolour/Ink 120x93cm $3300

Snowgums II
Watercolour/Ink 30x31cm $675

Watercolour/Ink 115x56cm $2200

Snowgums I
Watercolour/Ink 30x31cm $675

Small Blue Lake
Watercolour/Ink 37x29cm $600

Watercolour/Ink 62x35cm SOLD

Watercolour/Ink 35x35cm $675

Watercolour/Ink 115x56cm $2200

Glow I
Watercolour/Ink 25x30cm SOLD

Dusk Watercolour
Watercolour/Ink 35x35cm SOLD

Glow II
Watercolour/Ink 25x30cm SOLD