Georgia Harvey hand-builds and raku fires small sculptural ceramics, drawing on her experiences working as an art conservator and revelling in collaborations with forces that are never entirely under control, such as fire, chemical reduction and environmental conditions.

Georgia has exhibited widely in solo and group shows around Australia. Examples of her work can be seen in the new Thames and Hudson publication, Clay, and in the most recent edition of the Journal of Australian Ceramics.

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Identity Parade (set of 4)

ceramic, handbuilt, low temperature fired 16x17cm $550

ceramic, handbuilt, naked raku fired, Wall work 15x30cm $550

ceramic, handbuilt, low temperature fired 23x19cm $330

Small Craft
Hand Built raku clay, wax and slip-resist raku fired to 900°C, smoked 21x11x9cm $350

Handbuilt white raku clay, slips, underglazes, multiple glazes, multiple firings to 1050°C 14x14x7cm $250

Seabed Vessel (vert ancien)
Hand built raku gold clay, underglaze, multiple glazes gold lustre, multiple raku firings 1000-1050°C
21x14x10 - 32x9x9cm (with stopper) SOLD

Hand built raku gold clay, underglaze, crawl glazes, twice fired to 1050°C 14x25x7cm SOLD