Artist, designer, and collector, Dina Broadhurst’s artwork has appeared in group shows within Australia and internationally. She is currently working on her first solo exhibition in her signature style of mixing photography and collage elements, with a focus on femininity, sexuality, escapism, fantasy, desire, luxury and the perfect face that we like to present to the world. Influenced by the world of advertising, having studied a bachelor of Visual Communications at UTS, she is currently undertaking and Honours degree at UNSW in Fine Arts to delve further into the art world and her passion for curating.

Her works for the Riviera exhibition draw the viewer through colour and composition, a perfectly poised image of allure, posing the question what is beautiful? The untamed natural beauty inside versus the staged, polished, edited and cropped versions that we present to others. A sterile “face” or image devoid of emotion, but all that burns underneath the “skin”. The images leave you with a pretty picture that you can read into wherever your emotions take you at that particular time. A memory, a prompt to look within yourself, a colour, a smell. The things we hold inside. Beauty exists in nature, in simplicity, even in the mundane. Let the carefully staged compositions seduce you to find the true real beauty within us all.

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Ladies In Waiting
C-Print on 6mm acrylic, black timber box frame Edition of 100 POA

Riva Riva
C-Print on 6mm acrylic white timber frame Edition of 100 POA

C-Print on 6mm acrylic float frame Edition of 50 POA