Catherine Tate is a ceramicist, based in Sydney’s Eastern coastal area. She is heavily influenced by both the urban and coastal landscapes that surround her. Sourcing her inspiration from the patterns, textures and rhythms of the natural world, she uses a mixture of stoneware clays and an array of colours, slips and oxides to bring her hybrid landscapes to life.

Her graphic training lends a disciplined designer’s approach to her work, but she combines that with a freedom of creative expression in her mark making, which results in sculptural vessels that have an energy and vibrancy to them, reminiscent of the Brazilian spirit. For this exhibition, she has translated Oscar Niemeyer’s curvaceous manipulation of line into her series of flat vessels which resemble swaying bodies responding to the seductive rhythm and beats of salsa music.

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White Water
Clay BRT fired to stoneware + Glaze and slip 30cmx20cm $385

Clay BRT fired to stoneware + Glaze and slip 30cmx20cm $385